Kyoukai no Shirayuki Scenario and Supporting Character Bio Translations


I’m finally back with some new translations! Featuring Gatchaman Crowds artist Kinako’s distinctive art and character designs, Kyoukai no Shirayuki is a dark twist on the tale of Snow White, where protagonist Mashiro Akagami finds herself entangled in the fates of eight young men and their twisted mirror world selves.

Today I’m going to be sharing translations of scenarios for three of the romance-able men, Kaine, Nazuki, and Yura, as well as winter outfits for all eight male characters, info on the four supporting characters, and the first installment in the Shuffle Talk dialogue series featuring Kaine and Yori.

For detailed plot information and main character bios, please head over my translations of the announcement trailer and the previous two B’s Log features, as this post will only cover information new to the January 2016 issue of B’s Log.

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan 1

Kaine’s Mirror Scenario

Kaine Kumishima: “It’s your fault for getting close to me.” 
Mashiro Akagami
: “!?”
Kumishima-kun wraps his arm around my back and draws me closer to him.
Kaine Kumishima: “…”
Mashiro Akagami: “… Ah!”
He buries his face into my breasts. Then, his teeth.
My body stiffens in a combination of surprise and pain.
Mashiro Akagami: (Why is he biting me?!)
Mashiro Akagami: “S-stop!”

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan 2

Nazuki’s Mirror Scenario (top)

Nazuki-san bites down on my arm.
I’m so surprised that for a moment I don’t even know what he’s doing.
His teeth dig in, and my body finally registers the pain.
Mashiro Akagami: “Ow! Please stop, Nazuki-san!”
Nazuki Shinjou: “…”
Mashiro Akagami: “…”
Mashiro Akagami: (His eyes are expressionless, like glass orbs. I can’t see myself reflected in them… It’s creepy.)

Yura’s Mirror Scenario (bottom)

Yura Kondou: “Don’t leave me.”
The professor kneels down in front of me as he speaks.
Then, he grabs my leg.
Mashiro Akagami: “Wha–– Stop it, Professor!”
Yura Kondo: “Don’t run away.”
I start to stand, but he pulls my leg, causing me to back fall down onto the bench.
Mashiro Akagami: “…”
Professor Kondo slowly opens his mouth and sinks his teeth into my thigh.

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan 4

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan 3

In addition to the steamy scenarios, the January 2016 issue of B’s Log also revealed winter outfits for the eight main characters. You can see the alternate versions for summer and fall in the bubbles along the bottom of the page (they have also been uploaded to the character profiles on the official website). I’m not aware of many otome visual novels that have this many different outfits for the characters, and it’s a really neat touch!

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan supporting characters
Character translations in order from left to right

Supporting Characters

Ataru Tsukinami, VA: – A friend of the protagonist who loves handsome men. She’s known the protagonist since middle school, and now attends the same university. She goes on group dates to find Mr. Right.

Tsuzuri Furuki, VA: – Kumishima’s childhood friend who is two years older than him. They’ve been friends since elementary school. He worries about Kumishima, and sometimes comes by to check on him. 22 years old.

Ume Kakeya, VA: – Saji’s older brother. There’s a big age difference between them, but they get along well and currently live together. He has a kind personality and worries about Saji and wishes for him to be happy. A 26-year-old local public service worker.

Yumihito Ikari VA: – A police officer that works in the same police box as Yori. He’s good natured and friendly in a different way from Yori. A 28-year-old with a memorable hair color.

Kyoukai no Shirayuki B's Log January 2016 scan Kaine and Yori Shuffle Talk

While most of the information and images from previous pages are now available on the official Kyoukai no Shirayuki website (note that the scenarios have been altered slightly and expanded), I believe the scenario between Kaine and Yori that comes at the end is exclusive to this magazine. It’s the first in Shuffle Talk series and gives a little more insight into the characters, along with a new illustration by Kinako herself!

Kaine: “Hello, my name is Kaine Kumishima. It looks like this is the start of our Talk Corner.”
Yori: “Hi there, I’m Yori Zenno. I guess Kaine-kun and I are up for the big first installment. Let’s make it a good one.”
Kaine: “Yes, let’s. Uh, but it seems like we don’t have anything to do with each other in the game.”
Yori: “What?! Really?!”
Kaine: “Well, not much. We meet occasionally.”
Yori: “Gotcha. Well, let’s get started!”
Kaine: “Our topic for today is sweets.”
Yori: “Oh? So you like sweets, Kaine-kun?”
Kaine: “… I guess.”
Yori: “Huh? What kind of reply is that!? Is it that hard to say?”
Kaine: “No, but, well, it’s embarrassing for a guy…”
Yori: “That’s not embarrassing at all! There’s nothing wrong with eating sweets for three meals a day! … Or so I thought, but that’s a lie.”
Kaine: “A lie?!”
Yori: “Well sure, you could eat sweets made from good quality cream forever. But then there’s the stuff that makes you want to puke after just three bites, right?”
Kaine: “Oh yeah, there are some sweets that taste kind of cheap.”
Yori: “Yeah! Those won’t do. My stomach is always wrecked the morning eating those!”
Kaine: “I can usually handle them fine.”
Yori: “Ah, the perks of being young… Life is so cruel to a man in his thirties…”
Kaine: “Um, uh… Oh! What kind of sweets do you like, Yori-san?”
Yori: “I’m a fan of traditional Japanese sweets. You know how really good red bean paste is kind of transparent?”
Kaine: “It’s not too sweet, refreshing, and easy to eat.”
Yori: “Exactly! And dango! When they have the perfect amount of sweet glaze…! So what kind of sweets do you like, Kaine-kun?”
Kaine: “I like ice cream.”
Yori: “I see. There are lots of different flavors, but do you have a favorite in particular?”
Kaine: “Hm… I like all kinds of ice cream, so it’s difficult to pick just one. I enjoy the standard vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, but I can’t be happy if I don’t try all the seasonal flavors on the menu… And sherbet is good, too. Also…”
Yori: “Stop, stop! That’s plenty! I get it, you like ice cream.”
Kaine: “Oh, okay…”
Yori: “C’mon, don’t look so disappointed. I heard we’ll be able to have some sweets after this, so shall we finish up?”
Kaine: “Wait, really? Let’s get going, Yori-san!”
Yori: “You really do like them… Well, we’re going to eat some sweets, so that’s all for now!”
Kaine: “I’m going ahead without you, Yori-san.”
Yori: “Coming! See you all next time!”

For more information on Kyoukai no Shirayuki, check out parts one and two of my character profile translations! The game releases on the PS Vita on May 26th, and you can order the regular and special editions at CDJapan. Making purchases using my affiliate links is a great way to show your appreciation for these translations! Alternatively, you can share this post with your friends, or donate a few dollars to my virtual tip jar. It takes a lot of time to scan, edit, and translate articles, so I really appreciate your support!

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