Animal Crossing Creator Code and QR Code Roundup

Animal Crossing New Horizons Creator codes and qr codes

Back when Animal Crossing: New Leaf had just come out in Japan, I made it my hobby to browse Pixiv and other sites looking for adorable QR code designs to deck out my villager and town. Now that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out and is compatible with New Leaf QR codes, I think it’s definitely time to reshare some of my favorites!

Plus, sites like Twitter and Tumblr have made finding and sharing custom designs easier than ever, which means I already have a small stockpile of adorable creator codes for cute designs made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

So, whether you’re looking to make your town into a sugary-sweet kawaii paradise, get that chic cafe vibe, or level up your geeky flair, here’s a roundup of all my favorite QR codes from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and creator codes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Creator Codes

While I’m not much of a pattern creator myself, I love looking at all the different designs people come up with in Animal Crossings, and New Horizons is no different! Scroll on for a whole bunch of amazing designs I’ve found so far. Be warned – there are a lot!

You can also browse #ACNHpattern and #ACNHdesign on Twitter for more codes. People are posting new designs all the time, so check back often!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Codes

I really love how Animal Crossing: New Horizons supports New Leaf QR codes so everyone’s hard work in the 3DS game hasn’t gone to waste. I’ve already scanned in a few of the QR codes featured in my previous roundup posts, and they look great! Here’s an example:

Cute, eh? Monster Hunter represent! Check out my Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code Extravaganza posts below for everything from cute dresses to butt patterns (yup).

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**Please note that some of the Japanese sites linked to in the above QR code posts are no longer online. You may be able to access the QR codes by using Wayback Machine, but I don’t have them. Sorry!

All these creator codes and QR codes should keep you busy for a while! If you use any of them, share your outfits in the comments (and don’t forget to thank the creators if you can!).

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