Sunday Spotlight: Aiccio’s Video Game Cross Stitch

Sunday Spotlight Chic Pixel

Another Sunday, another Spotlight! This week I’m really excited to share one of my absolute favorite crafters. Cross stitcher aiccio is only on Instagram, as far as I’m aware (update: they are also on Twitter), but their mostly video game-themed projects are some of the best I’ve seen! Video games, particularly ones featuring pixel art, tend to lend themselves really well to cross stitch, but aiccio stands out for highlighting series and characters that you don’t often see get much love.

Check out some of their awesome works:

The above two pieces are Mother-themed book covers aiccio designed for the Hobonichi Techo planner, inspired by official designs. I think I prefer them to the official ones!

大きさは直径38mmです。#クロスステッチ #crossstitch #pixelart #8bit

A photo posted by @aiccio on

Buttons! Check out the rad Splatoon one!

Recognize this? It’s Angelique, which popularized dating sims for girls!

ファミコンリミックス⑥ #crossstitch #nintendo #nesremix #pixelart

A photo posted by @aiccio on

Of course, no video game cross stitch collection would be complete without some Mario. I could seriously link every single one of aiccio’s Instagram posts, they’re all that awesome. But instead, do head over and check out the rest of their work! They only have about 1,500 followers, which is not nearly enough, if you ask me, so give them a follow if you can! If you don’t have an Instagram account, show them some love on Twitter. Now I want to go do some nerdy crafts…

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