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I have extensive knowledge in a range of fields, including Japanese video games, manga, and blogging. I’m also an experienced freelance translator, writer, editor, and academic. If you wish to hire me as a consultant, my rate is $100/hour, with a minimum of $25. You may contact me regarding (but not limited to):

  • Feedback on starting or expanding your niche blog
  • PR and marketing for game localizations and dating sims projects
  • An intersectional feminist perspective on video game or writing projects

If you wish to hire me as a Japanese to English translator, English editor, or writer, please contact me directly for a quote, as it will vary based on the content and length of the project.


In addition to writing about Japanese popular culture for a mainstream audience, I also research it! I recently completed a PhD on gender, sexuality, and pleasure in manga. To be more specific, my thesis looks at how intertextuality (i.e the relationships between texts) is used in manga aimed at a female audience, particularly in narratives that prominently feature male-male romantic relationships known as boy’s love. You can read a paper I published on centaur manga for free here.


Aside from writing and research, I’m also very interested in Japanese to English translation. I have 17 years of Japanese language study under my belt and 8 years freelance translation experience. Translations I have done include manga, smartphone games, and business documents for companies such as DMG and AGM. You can view some examples of independent translations I have done here.


In addition to the writing I do for Chic Pixel, I spent 2 years at VideoGameWriters.com (now offline) as an associate editor. I have also contributed freelance articles to Anime News Network, WaypointZAM. My games writing tends to focus on niche Japanese games and the surrounding culture, particularly otome games. My knowledge of Japanese allows me to include excerpts of interviews and translations of materials previously unavailable in English in my pieces.

If you want to talk me about anything mentioned here more in-depth, just shoot me an email!