Japan Envy: Pokémon Time Eevee Collection


Who doesn’t love Eevee? The iconic first generation Pokémon has a whopping eight different evolutions, each as adorable as the next. There certainly isn’t a lack of Eevee-related merchandise, but the Pokémon Time’s latest collection is going to capitalize on that cuteness even more in its newest line, the Eievui Collection! Wait… Eievui? You can chalk that up to a weird attempt to romanize the Japanese name, but for sanity’s sake, I’ll be sticking to Eevee. However you spell it, it’s too cute to resist!

Pokemon Time Eevee Collection Room

The collection launches on June 6th in Pokémon Centers in Japan, with an exclusive tote bag to commemorate the launch available to those who spend over ¥10,000 (about $100) on any items in a Pokémon Center from June 6th through the 14th.

I absolutely love the above photo, which shows how Eevee Collection items can be integrated into your daily life. While the items themselves are not very easy to spot, there are a number of t-shirts, a blanket, and even a backpack featured! Sometimes it’s nice to own nerdy merch that isn’t so in-your-face, wouldn’t you agree?


Here’s another way they’re advertising the items, this time focusing on fashion. I absolutely love the way the products are integrated into the Sylveon girl’s outfit! Let’s take a close look at the merchandise, though, shall we?

Pokemon Time Eevee Collection Tshirts
Pokémon Time Eevee Collection t-shirts, ¥1,000 ($10)

There’s a t-shirt for every evolution! Which is your favorite? I’m definitely partial to Sylveon…

Pokemon Time Eevee Collection deco tape
Pokémon Time Eevee Collection deco tape, ¥600 ($6)

You can’t seem to find a line of adorable merchandise that doesn’t feature deco tape these days! The Eevee Collection has two different designs.

Pokemon Time Eevee Collection blanket
Pokémon Time Eevee Collection blanket, ¥6,800 ($68)

Finally, this blanket stands out for being cute, but subtle. I’m not a huge fan of navy, but I love the design!

There are a few more images on the official website, but unfortunately some of the more interesting items, such as the awesome backpack, can only be seen in the advertisements. Luckily for those of us outside Japan, the Amazon Pokémon Store will have the items available to order starting June 6th, and shops such as Sunnyshore Pokémart often stock limited Pokémon Center items. Amazon Japan won’t ship Pokémon merchandise outside of Japan, but you can use a proxy service like Tenso if you absolutely have to have something!

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