PaletteMeli’s Summer Pokétreats Pin Preorders Open

I’ve been following PaletteMeli on Instagram for a while now, and I always love her adorable pastel designs! Which is why when I heard that she had opened preorders for a new Pokétreat pin series and extended the deadline when the preorder goal hadn’t been met, I knew I had to share it to help spread the word!

There are 3 pins available to preorder each featuring a different Pokémon and ice cream design: Clefary with macaron ice cream, an Oshawott ice cream cone, and a Pikachu and Eevee ice cream sandwich. Each pin is 1.5 inches, gold plated metal, hard enamel, and comes with a rubber backing.

Clefary ice cream pin PaletteMeli

My favorite of the three designs is the Clefary pin, but they’re all super adorable! You can grab one for $10 or the set of three for a discounted $25. PaletteMeli needs $1300 in preorder sales in order to make the pin, and if her goal isn’t reached by August 15th then everyone who has preordered will get a full refund. For more information, check out the official preorder page.

I also want to mention that if you’re not following PaletteMeli on Instagram, I highly recommend doing so! She has an adorable feed with a great sense of composition and warm, happy colors that always bring me joy to look at. She also posts original art and fan art of games such as Persona 5, too! Be sure to check out the Pokétreat pin series before preorders close on August 15th if you’re interested!

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