Monster Hunter Community Game-Along Roundup

Monster Hunter Community Game-Along roundup

March’s Community Game-Along saw the return of the annual Monster Hunter theme, just in time for the free Deviljho update to Monster Hunter World! I was initially worried that people were all Monster Hunter‘d out after World‘s release at the end of January, but #MonMonth had a lot of participants, many of whom were still having lots of fun with Monster Hunter World!

It was great to see folks like @driftglass share their first Monster Hunter game, while others like @mdiskplaylist jumped into the series for the first time.

While many people played Monster Hunter World@pucechan went for some classic Monster Hunter with Monster Hunter G, and @mdiskplaylist picked up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Be sure to check out the two part Monster Hunter Freedom Unite M Disc Gauntlet to hear his full impressions as a newcomer to the Monster Hunter series!

It was awesome to see so many people playing Monster Hunter World, and I was even able to schedule two multiplayer sessions during #MonMonth to play with other participants! Special congrats to @charassic, who started Monster Hunter World at the beginning of #MonMonth and saw the credits roll by the end! Way to go!

Other folks who played Monster Hunter World included @driftglass, @hansuramu, @PokeKellz, and @kaitou_al. @patricklous posted a full review of Monster Hunter World over at, and I didn’t publish my Monster Hunter World review until just a couple days ago, but I’m going to count it anyway! (it’s still #MonMonth in spirit)

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and be sure to join in April’s #MusouMonth! There may only be one week left, but that’s still plenty of time to try out a Musou game!

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