March 2018 Community Game-Along: Monster Hunter(-like) Games

Monster Hunter Community Game-Along

March means something very special at Chic Pixel… It’s time for the Monster Hunter Community Game-Along! Even though Monster Hunter has gotten pretty mainstream, especially with the release of Monster Hunter: World, there’s no denying that the series has some notoriety for its complicated systems and lack of in-game explanations. I started the Monster Hunter Community Game-Along to highlight the Monster Hunter series and the wide range of games that emulate the Monster Hunter style in hopes that I could encourage more people to play what has become one of my favorite series.

With Monster Hunter: World‘s release at the end of January, there are even more people playing Monster Hunter than ever! If you’re still enjoying Monster Hunter: World, great! You’re already participating in the Community Game-Along. Simply share screenshots, impressions, gameplay videos, or virtually anything else related to your playthrough using #MonMonth on social media, and you might be featured in my roundup post at the end of the month!

Monster Hunter World screenshot

If you’ve been wanting to try a Monster Hunter game but haven’t yet, or are done with World and are looking for another Monster Hunter game to satisfy the hunting itch, I highly recommend Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS.

Now that Monster Hunter Stories for the 3DS is also out in English, you can get away with not even playing a “true” Monster Hunter-style game and still participate in #MonMonth! Monster Hunter Stories has all the great monster designs and aesthetic of the main series, but is an RPG, rather than an action game. Give it a go if RPGs are more your speed!

Monster Hunter Stories screenshot

Though this month is all about celebrating Monster Hunter, I also want to highlight all the games that are heavily inspired by Monster Hunter. Titles such as Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita), Toukiden 2 (PS4, PS Vita, Steam), Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS), and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (PS Vita, PS3) are all great choices! There are even more suggestions in my #MonMonth posts from previous years (2017, 2016, 2014), so feel free to check those out if you’re still looking for more ideas on what to play.

MonMonth Play Sessions

This year, I’ll be playing two Monster Hunter: World multiplayer sessions, so mark your calendar if you would like to join! I’ll be posting the room codes to Twitter, Instagram, and the Chic Pixel Pals Discord server, so be sure to check those so you can join the sessions! If you’re not a member of the Discord server, please fill out this form for an invite. I hope to see you on the 16th or 23rd!

If you’re not playing Monster Hunter: World, what will you be playing this month? Let me know in the comments!

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