Dating Sim Month Roundup

Dating Sim Month Roundup 2018

Though we’re in the midst of the Monster Hunter Community Game-Along (don’t forget to join me for one of my Monster Hunter: World multiplayer sessions!), it’s time to take a look at all the awesome games people played for February’s Dating Sim Community Game-Along! I was really thrilled to see so many folks participate one of my favorite themes. Feel free to use this post as inspiration for selecting your next dating sim game to play!

@Westraid on Twitter made a Moment to catalogue all of her Collar X Malice tweets for #DatingSiMonth, which is a great idea! Feel free to make Moments of your tweets about a game for future Community Game-Alongs, as it makes it really easy for people to follow your impressions of a game once you’re finished!

Okay, I would love to see more graphs too!

Morgan Sleeper reviewed the recently-released Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya Nintendo Switch version for Nintendo Life. It’s so neat to see otome games on the Switch!

@Nitro continued his M Disc Gauntlet series in February (where he challenges a new game for each Community Game-Along theme!) with a 4-part let’s play of Kawata Shoujo, a visual novel where all of the female romance options have different disabilities.

Capsulejay tried out the free-to-play rhythm app Utano Princesama Shining Live, which released in English and Chinese at the end of January, and reviewed it at Tales from the Backlog. Though it’s not a traditional dating sim, it’s a spinoff game of a massively popular otome game series, so I can’t not count it! I also wrote a Utano Princesama Shining Live starter guide for ZAM, which has a lot of tips if you want to try it but are feeling overwhelmed! I recorded 10 minutes of gameplay footage, too! (Unrelated, but I really wish they romanized the title as Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live…)

We weren’t the only folks playing Utano Princesama Shining Live for #DatingSiMonth, either! @Kaito_al, @stellarclass, and @sillydragpoes wallowed around in idol gacha hell with us (I say this with only the utmost affection).

This comment in Capsulejay’s writeup really made my heart sing!

Hatoful Boyfriend was well-represented, too. @bunnycartoon shared some of her playthrough on Twitch, and @charassic tweeted impressions all the way to the final ending.

Meanwhile, @jscarpe and @patricklous both played entries in the Sakura Taisen series, which combines dating sim elements with strategy RPG gameplay.

Finally, some folks took the opportunity to share their otome game collections!

What a month full of cuties! Thanks again to everyone who participated, and I hope you enjoy #MonMonth!

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