Sunday Spotlight: MogKnight Niche Game Streaming

Sunday Spotlight Chic Pixel

Hear that sound? That’s the first week of November whooshing on by! It’s already the first Sunday of the month, and boy am I not ready for the holidays. But enough about me! This week I’m excited to spotlight a long-time internet friend of mine who is making a name for himself in video game streaming: MogKnight!

Mog prides himself on niche games, so you’ll see all kinds of craziness on his near-daily streams. And if you aren’t able to tune in to the live playthroughs, there’s always archives and Mog’s YouTube channel, though you won’t have the fun of being involved in the chat! It’s worth pointing out that Mog is extremely friendly to all walks of players and does not engage in racist or sexist trash talk or jokes, so you can rest assured you will feel welcome in the chat room.

If that sounds its up your alley, consider adding MogKnight to your streamer rotation! You can keep your eye on his every move on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

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