Memos from Mamemura: Week 4

This week was a relatively low-key week in Mamemura. Even my secretary Shizue was looking a little less chipper then usual:

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything done! I’ve been diligently visiting Mamemura every day, and not only did the shoe shop finally get built, but Nook’s store received an upgrade, as well!

If you look closely, you can see a certain villager in Nook’s store, as well! Can you guess who it is?

Guess who moved in? It’s Doremi, the deer who camped in my village last week! What a quaint little house she has!

Since Christmas is coming up, all of the villagers are telling me what they’re wishing for. Frill here wants something green. Funny, I would’ve pinned her for more of a black or purple sort of gal, especially considering her taste in home decor

Why, look who it is! Dr. Shrunk appeared one morning saying he wanted to open a club in my town, and that if I could get 6 signatures from other villagers, they’d start construction immediately. Of course I made it a priority to get those signatures, and a few days later, Club 444 was open and ready for business!

How do you like my Santa outfit? I’ve been trying to collect the various pieces as they show up in the shops. So far I have the boots, shirt, hat, and even beard (not wearing it in the above image, obviously). I just need the matching pants!

Oh, Lisa’s husband Kazio finally woke up! He has a really fun way of speaking, I can’t wait to see how they localize it. He can refurbish your furniture for you, but I haven’t tried it yet. 

Poor Doremi’s caught a cold, and I’ve fed her medicine two days in a row with no sign of her getting better. I wonder if villagers are more likely to get sick in the winter?

Well, that concludes this week in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! As always, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the game in the comments!

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