Taste test: Pokémon lava cookies by Gourmet Gaming

I’ve been meaning to try a Gourmet Gaming recipe ever since I discovered the video game food blog back in October of last year, but up until now I hadn’t come across a recipe that I really wanted to do that I didn’t think was way out of my cooking comfort zone (let it be known that I am not any kind of whiz in the kitchen). But when a recipe for Pokémon lava cookies came up, I just couldn’t resist!

Image by Gourmet Gamer

First of all, not only are these cookies from one of my guilty game pleasures (yes, that’s where I file  Pokémon), but this recipe combines two exceedingly tantalizing ingredients: dark chocolate and nori (a kind of seaweed)! Can you even imagine? I certainly couldn’t, but it sounded so quirky and potentially delicious that I just had to give it a go!

The end result… Mantyke approved!

The recipe was very simple, and didn’t require a lot of ingredients or any complicated procedures. The biggest issue I had was being too eager to try the end product that I didn’t wait for the chocolate that’s used as adhesive for the green nori strips to dry!

And I have to say, the end result was surprisingly delicious. I did find that it could’ve used a little more nori, as though the nori strip tasted good with the cookie, the areas that weren’t covered felt like they could’ve used a little more texture and saltiness. Next time I’ll try mixing a little more into the batter and see how I like it. If you you don’t mind your sweets mixed with something a little salty, I definitely recommend giving these a go! It would certainly be a crowd pleaser at any nerdy event.

Try the recipe out for yourself!

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