All I want for Christmas is for you to buy my manga

Hello hello! I’m writing from my snazzy new apartment while sitting in my snazzy new sofa… Everything is so snazzy! We were finally able to put up our holiday decorations (including a mini fake IKEA tree), so I’m finally able to get in a festive mood.

That aside, I’d like to take the opportunity to announce my very first published manga translation! Tweeting Love Birds is a boys’ love manga about a guy who loves baseball… It was a bit of a pain to translate, considering I don’t know baseball terminology in English, let alone Japanese, but it was still a blast to do! And the story isn’t so centered around the sport that people who aren’t interested in it (like me) can’t enjoy it. It’s quite funny! I’m not nearly so eloquent, so here’s the summary my awesome editor whipped up:

“Ohtaka is pissed! University baseball is not what he expected, and it’s all because of Tweetie, the odd little person who blithely chirps and constantly circles in his tall shadow. Everything Tweetie does only deepens Ohtaka’s scowl. His irritation skyrockets when Tweetie demands Ohtaka stay in the baseball club for his sake and steals Ohtaka’s first kiss!

When two people from Tweetie’s past are thrown in Ohtaka’s face, his agitation suddenly turns territorial–and he’s not sure why…

Will Ohtaka figure out this unfamiliar game that plays for keeps? Get ready for a fast pitch of romantic comedy and surprising love in Tweeting Love Birds!”

If you’re at all interested, you can check out a sample of the Kindle version over at Amazon. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, I believe you can download the Kindle reader and read it right on your PC/Mac! And if you’re so inclined, I would love love love it if you could support me and my group (Twitter @BLBangBang). If you’re more of a Nook kind of person, it’s available for that over here!
Of course if you do decide to purchase said manga, please let me know what you think! And tell me that you bought it so I can shower you with lots of love. If you’re at all on the fence about starting a new series, don’t worry, the story ends at volume 2. After my current project I’ll be jumping right in to volume 2, so you should expect to see that out in the next couple of months!
In other news, one of my very favorite craft bloggers, an Aussie lady currently living in Japan known as Hello Sandwich, is in a gift wrap challenge over at the Martha Stewart blog! Wow! If you could be so kind and head over here to vote for her, that’d be great! She really deserves to win; she has such great style sense and her projects are both simple and a lot of fun. Thanks! Be sure to check out her blog if you’re into crafty things, too! 

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