Japan Envy: A 3DS that’s “A Little Bit Mario”

Anyone watch the Nintendo Direct livestream this evening (or morning, for those of you on the other side of the world)? Well, unfortunately for me, I was in the middle of having a late dinner and managed to miss the greater part of it, but I did tune in for the last 10 or so minutes, which was long enough to see the lovely Monster Hunter 3G trailer as well as a few announcements from Iwata-san.

I’m sure your favorite game news website of choice will be covering all the announcements, so I won’t attempt to summarize what I saw. I did, however, want to point out these adorable 3DS’s that Japanese Club Nintendo members can enter for a chance to win over the holiday season!

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for one of these! Apparently you need to buy 2 Japanese 3DS games and register them on the Club Nintendo site to be entered for a chance to win. Only 1,000 of each design are available.

I have to say I’m going to go against my usual affinity for Princess Peach and pick the Mario-themed design this time–or I should say I would pick the Mario design, if I were given the choice. Oh, to live in Japan and own a Japanese 3DS!

You can see all the trailers and interviews from the Nintendo Direct conference here. They’re in Japanese, of course, but the language barrier won’t stop you from enjoying some of the lovely new trailers, including one for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance!

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