Who is Your Matsu Match?! Osomatsu-san Character Quiz Translation

Osomatsu-san brothers

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was floored when otome game publisher Otomate announced they would be making a game adaptation of the popular Osomatsu-san anime. Whether or not the actual game will be a full-fledged otome game that lets you date each of the brothers, it’s undeniable that the series has amassed a huge female fanbase!

In acknowledgement of this, the latest issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style, a magazine dedicated to otome games and related media, has a whole four page article dedicated to the Osomatsu-san anime. In it is an amazing Matsu flowchart reminiscent of teen magazines that I thought was too fun not to share:

Since some folks were interested to know what the chart says, I’ve gone ahead and made a translated version! So, who’s your Matsu love match?

Osomatsu-san character match flow chart
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Feel free to share, but please make sure to credit Chic Pixel! If you haven’t yet watched Osomatsu-san, be sure to check out the hilarious anime at Crunchyroll. If you enjoyed this translation, support Chic Pixel by purchasing your favorite Osomatsu-san merchandise at CDJapan!

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  • I got Jyushimatsu! I like him and Karamatsu, so I was happy lol
    But to be honest, at first I went straight to “You must be willing to accept a jobless man” which makes sense with the Matsu brothers and made me laugh a lot :_D

    I think everyone was both, surprised and hyped with the game announcement!

    • I got Jyushi too! But my favorites are Todomatsu and Ichimatsu, haha. I was pretty hungry when I did it 😉 I really liked that they had an “auto fail” option at the beginning too! It was such a fun quiz to translate

  • karin

    Wow thank you for making this translated version!!! 😀 I really hope the Osomatsu-san otome game gets translated too, we need more otome games!!

    • You’re welcome! I agree, it would be great if the otome game gets localized

  • Mayu Nakamura

    OMG XD
    tbh I cant accept a jobless man
    but meh…in the end i got jyushimatsu holy crap jyushi you`re easy to get

    • Yeah if I’m honest I don’t think I want to date a NEET either XD;;

      • Mayu Nakamura

        Ahha…dang i wonder what will happen to my future if I date one of them