Tokyo Stationery Haul Video

Continuing my series of Tokyo trip coverage, I’ve posted a video of all the stationery I bought when I was there! Check it out below!

One of my favorite purchases was the Nintendo Badge Arcade sticker book, which comes with 301 different stickers modeled after Nintendo Badge Arcade badges! I had no idea they even made one until I saw it in a book store at Narita airport when we were heading back to Australia. Talk about lucky! If you want to order one, they’re available to ship internationally on Amazon Japan.

Forgive me for not including extra photos of my stationery in this post, but I’m running behind on some things and didn’t get a chance to take them this time. I’ll be including stationery from my Tokyo trip in photos I post to my Instagram account over the next couple of days, so please head there if you’d like to see more!

Finally, if you haven’t seen my Tokyo games haul video and post yet, be sure to check it out!

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