Halloween Shopping at an American Target

During my last trip to the US, I decided I wanted to work on my outdoor photography and video skills. Basically, I’m completely terrified of it! It’s one of those things where I know it’s irrational, but I get very embarrassed whenever I take a photo or video in public. I would really like to work on conquering my fear before my trip to Tokyo next month, when I plan on taking a million photos and videos to share with you! So, while it may not exactly be usual Chic Pixel fare, my most recent upload to my YouTube channel features a little shopping trip to Target!

Since Australians don’t really celebrate Halloween, I made sure to hit up the Halloween section and stock up on all things pumpkin spice (among other Halloween delicacies). I also stopped by the toy and video game sections, and I even managed to find a very exciting Nendoroid!

Halloween Pumpkin Spice Oreo

I decided not to do individual tasting videos for the Halloween candy I bought, but I must say the pumpkin spice Oreos were a real highlight! They weren’t too sweet, and the pumpkin spice flavor didn’t taste overly artificial like I initially feared it might. Honestly, if I had the opportunity, I would totally buy them again!

Let me know your favorite Halloween candy in the comments!

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