Chic Pixel Best of Roundup

Hello everyone! If you follow me on social media (If not, I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram, so give me a follow!), you’ll know that for the past couple of months I’ve been scrambling to finish up my PhD dissertation. There’s been a bit of a dip in my posting schedule because of that… But never fear! Things will be back to normal after I submit in just over a week and take a short break to restore my energy reserves!

For now, here are a few of my favorite/noteworthy posts for you to catch up on if you’re looking for something to read. Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to getting back to my regular schedule soon!

10 Japanese 3DS Games Worth Importing – Believe it or not, this is one of my most popular posts! I’ve been thinking about doing a sequel to this post called “10 more Japanese 3DS games worth importing” because there have been so many great releases since I wrote this in 2015!

How I Edit Instagram Photos and Nerdy Flatlays – I’ve been posting a lot more on Instagram in the past 6 months, and I’m really enjoying it! Here’s a post on how I compose and edit my photos specifically for Instagram.

Free Nerdy Media for When You Need a Pick-Me-Up – This post was actually written after Trump won the election and I was feeling really depressed… But it’s applicable in a lot of situations. If you’re ever feeling down, check out some of the suggestions in this post!

My Dream Loot Crate: Otome Crate – If I was in charge of making my own themed subscription box, it would totally be “otome” themed! Check out my post to see what kind of items would be in it!

Chic Pixel’s Ultimate Guide to Blogging – Back in February, I launched my first month-long series on blogging! If you’re looking to start your first blog or want some tips on how to make your current one even better, check out this guide!

NieR: Automata Review – NieR: Automata is by far one of my favorite games of 2017! If you haven’t read my review yet, please do!

How to Make an eBook Japan Account to Download Free Manga – This is a great way to get some free (legal) manga to read in Japanese! If you want to practice your Japanese by doing something, I highly recommend grabbing some free manga off of eBook Japan.

I hope this post helps you find some new articles on Chic Pixel you may have missed before! If you’re more of an audio person, you can always catch up on my podcast with Sarah O’Donnell, Chic Pixel Plus. I’ve also got a great backlog of videos on my Youtube channel! I can’t wait to get back to regular posting next month!

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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.