A Kirby Café is Opening in Japan This August

Kirby Cafe Japan Coming Soon

Calling all Kirby fans! Starting this August, you’ll be able to eat all manner of food shaped like the adorable pink puffball at the brand new Kirby Café… if you live in Japan, of course.

Unveiled by the official HAL Labratory Twitter account, the cafe will be a limited-time affair, so if you don’t live in Japan, it’s time to start planning those trips! Unfortunately, the official website has no word on where the café will be located, but I think there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be somewhere in Tokyo.

There will also be limited edition merchandise that can only be purchased at the Kirby Café, but nothing aside from the August launch date has been revealed so far. The official Kirby Café Twitter account did, however, share this adorable stop motion animation to commemorate the announcement:

My heart be still! If, like me, this video has you somewhat inspired to make your own adorable Kirby vignettes, you can get your very own Kirby Nendoroid at CDJapan. It’s not the same thing as visiting the cafe, but it’ll have to do…

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