Sunday Spotlight: Hobby Luv

Sunday Spotlight Chic Pixel

This week’s Sunday Spotlight is a little late for those of you on my side of the world, but luckily my internet came through just in time to get it in while it’s still Sunday somewhere! Today I’d like to share another adorable blog that you’re sure to enjoy if you frequent Chic Pixel. Nozomi has been blogging in Spanish about anime, manga, figures, and more over at Fangirl Ninja for 4 years, and she has just launched Hobby Luv as a companion site for her English speaking friends, making it a great recommendation for Chic Pixel readers!

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While I highly recommend browsing through Fangirl Ninja with the help of Google Translate due to the sheer amount of posts Nozomi has published over the past 4 years, Hobby Luv is already off to a great start. There’s a neat look at Backstage Pass for the Dating Sim Community Game-Along, which includes some updated impressions after Nozomi played the game multiple times through. It’s not often people write about how their experiences with media change over time, but it’s always so interesting to read!

You can also follow Nozomi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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