Sunday Spotlight: Sami Spoon

Sunday Spotlight Chic Pixel

I’m super excited for this week’s Sunday Spotlight, because today I’m talking about a good pal Sami Spoon! Sami is a blogger from the UK who loves all the same things I do, but most importantly, she has excellent taste in video games and all things kawaii! Sami recently launched a new personal blog to catalog all her interests, so if you like Chic Pixel, I highly recommend checking it out!

Pokemon 2016 new year charm

I especially like her recent loot post where she shared a bunch of limited edition New Year PokéCenter goods such as the adorable charms above. Her photos all have her signature rounded corners, which makes them extra cute, don’t you think?

You can also find Sami on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as her fun video game-themed Tumblr. Be sure to tell her I sent you!

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