Sunday Spotlight: LittleSaika

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This week’s Sunday Spotlight features LittleSaika, a Youtuber who inspired me to start doing Nendoroid unboxing videos! Her sweet voice and adorable backdrops make her videos extremely soothing to watch, so if you’re a fan of Nendoroids, polymer clay crafts, or general cute stuff from Japan, I highly recommend checking out her channel.

I have to admit, one of my favorite pastimes is watching unboxing videos of Nendoroids I’ve been tempted to buy but decided against for the sake of my wallet… The harvest moon Hatsune Miku above is one such Nendoroid, it and happens to be pretty rare, so it’s awesome to see LittleSaika show it off up close!

LittleSaika is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so if you like her videos, be sure to check her out elsewhere! She’s also currently holding a 5,000 subscribers giveaway that closes on January 15th, so head here if you’d like to enter.

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