Sunday Spotlight: VerdelishJP Let’s English YouTube Channel

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Despite starting a YouTube channel over a year ago, I still feel very green when it comes to world of video-based media. Because of this, I’m always looking at new channels for inspiration and to see what kinds of videos are popular with viewers. That’s why for this week’s Sunday Spotlight, I’d like to highlight a YouTuber whose content I find particularly impressive: VerdelishJP of Let’s English!.

Vedelish sets herself apart from other YouTubers by doing Let’s Plays of games only available in Japanese, with a special touch: she subtitles all of the game in English, so viewers can understand and follow along! Since subtitling entire games is very time-intensive, she only has two main series at the moment, one for above otome game Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows, and her popular “Yandere Hell” series featuring Harem Tengoku da to Omottara Yandare Jigoku datta. I’m sure you can tell that my personal preference is Beyond the Future, but both series are definitely worth checking out!

You can follow VedelishJP on YouTube and Twitter. Her channel updates weekly.


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