Japan Envy: Kirimi-chan x KFC = Kentucky Fried Salmon

Kirimi-chan KFC collaboration

Sanrio’s salmon fillet mascot character Kirimi-chan has teamed up with an unlikely partner for her latest collaboration: KFC. That’s right, Kentucky Fried Chicken establishments in Japan will now be offering fried salmon, because why the hell not!

Billed as special fall Hokkaido salmon, the fried salmon will be available for one month only from October to November, both on its on with tartare sauce or in a salmon sandwich. To celebrate the collaboration, Sanrio has even created a new friend for Kirimi-chan called Agemi-chan, which comes from the Japanese for “deep fried,” or “age.”

You can head over to the official Kirimi-chan x KFC website to see the full menu, but more importantly, they have wallpapers:

Kirimi-chan KFC wallpaper

At least those of us outside of Japan can have something fun to enjoy from this collaboration! In related news, somehow I totally missed this promotional video Sanrio released where Kirimi-chan transforms all of her friends into bishonen:

Kirimi-chan was never my favorite Sanrio character, but she may be growing on me…

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