American Envy: Doraemon x House Foods Tofu

I know what you’re thinking: “American Envy? I thought this column was about promotions and merchandise exclusive to Japan!” Well, in a very strange turn of events, North America is receiving a special House Foods tofu campaign in honor of everyone’s favorite Japanese blue robot cat, Doraemon! 2015 marks Doraemon’s 45th anniversary, and House Foods is not only celebrating by plastering Doraemon all over their advertising, but with a sweepstakes, as well. 

I’m honestly amazed that Doraemon is finally hitting North America after enjoying so much popularity internationally. It’s currently airing on Disney XD, and as part of the House Foods campaign, his adorable face will be plastered all over everything from buses to billboards. If you live in North America, send in your Doraemon sightings! I would love to see them. 
Of course, this is the Doraemon House Foods packaging itself. All of the designs are super cute, and as a fan of tofu, I would definitely buy at least one! I think I like how the red background of the medium tofu contrasts with Doraemon’s blue the best.
If you’re a Doraemon fan living in the U.S, be sure to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a Doraemon t-shirt or Amazon Kindle! And, if you’re in New York City for Japan Week from Feb 18th – 20th, be sure to stop by House Foods’ Doraemon booth at Grand Central Terminal for some tofu samples and chances to win some fun Doraemon-themed prizes. 

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