The Complete 2015 Community Game-Along Schedule

Back in December 2013, I had no idea that a casual conversation with Kimimi on Twitter about how we wanted to play more Falcom games would quickly evolve into a month-long themed game event that centered around encouraging people to play more games in their backlog/”to play” list. Falcom Month was so well received that I decided to take the plunge and do a different gaming theme every month for all of 2014, and now, thanks to everyone’s support, I’m continuing it into 2015!

Credit goes to Kimimi for the lovely image to go with this post! Can you guess what theme
each game corresponds to? 

Last year I pretty much planned every month as I went along, which didn’t do me any organizational favors, so this year I’ve gone ahead and picked every theme ahead of time! If you’re curious as to what’s on the horizon or would like to plan your game playthroughs/purchases, the full list is below. But, if you’d like to keep upcoming themes a surprise, exit out of this page now and be sure to follow me on Twitter to get the announcement for the upcoming month’s theme at the beginning of the last full week of every month.

Oh, and to bring in 2015 with bells and whistles, January will be dedicated to rhythm games (#rhythmmonth)! This was the most requested theme in my survey, so I hope a lot of people participate! A full rundown post in the usual Community Game-Along style will be coming shortly.

January – Rhythm games
February – Visual novels From Software
March – From Software Monster Hunter-likes
April – Yuji Naka
May – Monster Hunter-likes Visual novels
June – Fighting games
July – JRPGs
August – Point and click adventure
September – Spike Chunsoft
October – Kusoge
November – Natsume
December – Yoko Shimomura

[Update 1/18: Shuffled around February, March, and May themes]

Chime in with your thoughts on the different themes in the comments! I hope you have at least a couple to look forward to this year. I know I do!

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