Falcom Community Game-Along Weekly Roundup #1

When Kimimi first give me the idea of dedicating a month to playing Falcom games, I never imagined it would catch the interest of more than a few of our mutual friends. Imagine my surprise when people I didn’t personally know started using #Falcomonth and commenting about what a great idea it was! So before I get into a roundup of what those participating in the Falcom Community Game-Along (Falcom Month, for short!) have been up to over the past week, let me first take a second to thank everyone who has spread the word of this majorly last-minute event! I sincerely mean it when I say this wouldn’t have taken off without your support.  
In fact, while the first week of January was a short one, but that doesn’t mean Falcom Month was off to a slow start! People have been tearing up #Falcomonth on Twitter (you’re welcome to use it on Tumblr, as well!), and there have already been a few blog posts and articles to come out of the event. Here are just a few*: 
So it’s now #falcomonth Are you going to be playing any Falcom games this January? *Cough* Trails in the Sky *Cough*
— Ross Brierley (@Ghostlight_Ross) January 1, 2014
Of course, my partner-in-crime for Falcom Month Kimimi, made sure to announce the event on her own blog. Be sure to follow her Tumblr and Twitter for updates on her Falcom Month progress, along with some of the best screenshots around!

Kirsten at Endless History, a Falcom news/fan site, wrote a great news post about Falcom Month for her readers. Thanks so much! If you want to keep up to date on all the goings-on of Falcom and their game releases, make sure to subscribe to Endless History.

Falcom telling me that I’ve been playing for 1 hour and that I should rest 15 minutes #Falcomonth pic.twitter.com/unOhmqIcvR
— Laura (@Tokiremu) January 2, 2014

— Netto-kun (@hansuramu) January 3, 2014
@brawndwarf highlighted a post he wrote in 2011 for Falcom’s 30th anniversary compiling all the Falcom games ever released on Sega systems, many of which were never released officially in English.

Davzz wins the prize for producing the first article dedicated to his Falcom Month experience so far! His piece on the Megadrive version of Sorcerian is a great read if you’ve never played the game before and want to get an idea of what it’s like – he also provides lots of screenshots and tips for new players.

My games are ready for #Falcomonth. pic.twitter.com/ZzYJ2Dh3fL
— Josep (@jdkluv) January 2, 2014
A lot of folks also celebrated #OSThursday with their favorite Falcom tracks. @pablo_0151 highlights the amazing field music from the first Ys, while Kimimi picks a mysterious track from Brandish, and @Soulhouf goes for a heart-pumping piece from the soon-to-be-localized The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.

I just cleared Ys1, my 1st experience with the series, yet everything was very familiar, like faint memories of ’90s anime/manga #Falcomonth
— Christian Z. (@Crackalacking_Z) January 5, 2014
Finally, we’re trying to get an official thread for the event on NeoGAF! If anyone reading this is a member and would like to assist, please let me know. And be sure to keep playing Falcom games and tweeting/writing up your impressions so I can include them in the week two roundup post! 

*Unfortunately I can’t include every tweet in this post, but I’ll strive to highlight every article. Please contact me if you’ve written at length on a Falcom game this week (or the event in general) and I haven’t included it! 

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