Memos from Mamemura: Week 10

Things may have ended on a sad note last week with my favorite villager Frill moving out, but this week saw some new excitement in the form of a new villager and some multiplayer antics with a friend! And so, my Animal Crossing: New Leaf saga continues…

Whoever this new guy is, he sure has a lot of nerve to build his house so close to the station…

I’m always happy to get different species of animals in my village, so Bunjirou (aka Lobo) came as a pleasant surprise! It’s nice to see a familiar Animal Crossing villager face, too, and a cranky one at that! There’s something charming about the cranky personality. 
I finally saved up enough money to open up the dream center/massage parlor! Let’s take a look inside… 
Yumemi (which is actually the Japanese word for “to dream” or “dreaming”) the aardvark has the ability to take you to visit other people’s towns or have others come to your town through your dreams. I didn’t get around to setting up the new feature yet (lazy, I know), but look forward to next week when I’ll report back on my findings after visiting a couple of villages! The difference between this and normal online play is that you can visit anyone’s town, even if you’re not friends, as long as you have the code for their village. People are sharing codes for spiffy towns all over the internet, so I should be able to find a couple of good ones! Maybe I’ll even go to the official Nintendo town
Did you know that if a villager invites you over to their house and you talk to them enough times, they’ll ask if you want to buy any of their items? Well, Arthur wanted to pawn off his Chinese table on me… The very one I gave him as a present! And for 1,920 bells? That’s highway robbery!

 Low and behold, I go to the recycle shop the next day and find Arthur’s put his Chinese table up for sale! Talk about rude!

Moving on from that drama, I met up with my friend Nel and visited her town over local wireless! It was a lot of fun, and I definitely got tons of inspiration for my own town (it’s quite evident that she plays much more than I do…). The above image is one of her, er, most disconcerting rooms, as its covered in her favorite character Manbe-kun‘s likeness.

She’s got the full mermaid series… 

And the full snowman series! How adorable!

She also has a number of themed rooms, such as this Japanese one… 

 And this creepy basement room! Eek!

Sumi lives in both our towns, so I wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with another town’s Sumi… She just acted like she didn’t know me! 
Nel’s even unlocked the cafe! Here I am drinking the Penguin (her town’s name) original blend. 

I didn’t even know there was bamboo in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Clearly I need to read more up on this game, or I’m going to miss out. I love how she fashioned this area into a little hot spring getaway. Too bad you can’t jump in the water!
Finally, we sat and watched the “end credits” together by her town’s tree… For some reason it lost all its leaves! I don’t even think I’ve played enough to see the credits in my game… It’s fun to see all the names of the villagers who’ve lived there scroll by. The music that plays is quite soothing, as well!
I must say, visiting Nel’s town has really rekindled my interest in the game… There very well may be another reason for that, but I’m going to save that for an upcoming post! Thanks for reading, and remember that you can ask any questions you may have in the comments! 

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