Japan Envy: Pikachu Yellow 3DS LL/XL

Guess what? Japan’s getting yet another amazing limited edition console, and this time it’s a Pikachu-themed 3DS LL (or XL for us westerners). I’m fully ready to admit that this is the most beautiful handheld I have ever seen. I want it with every fiber of my being. Okay, that’s a little creepy, but I definitely like it more than the last exclusive Japanese 3DS I gushed over (this Kingdom Hearts one).

This brilliant 3DS LL, titled “Pikachu Yellow,” will only be available for preorder at Japanese Pokémon Centers from August 25th to September 14th for 18,900 yen, strictly limited to one console per customer. Believe me, if I lived in Japan, I would literally line up outside my local Pokémon Center for this, if need be!

Pikachu’s pleading eyes bore right into my very soul.
Funnily enough, I’ve actually been warming up to the 3DS XL as of late, not in part due to shidoshi’s rave comments regarding his first-hand experience with one on our latest Nichiest Podcast Ever. This bright yellow with the white hinge definitely takes the cake –– I only wish that they showed the inside, which I’m assuming is white. If it’s actually yellow… Well, that would be quite jarring to look at, wouldn’t it? 
So what do you think: is the Pikachu Yellow LL the handheld of the century or an unbelievably garish monstrosity? I think you know where I stand! 

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