This Pac-Man tablet case won’t be the last thing I buy from Simbiosis

Would you be surprised if I told you I recently purchased an Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet? Well, I’ll be surprised for you! I still can’t believe I own it, as I never really felt the urge to buy a tablet, but I decided to bite the bullet due to their portability (I’m namely using it for school). So far it’s been great for reading PDFs and doing work on the go –– it’s much lighter than my laptop and I love that it comes with a fully-functional keyboard attachment with a USB port and everything. 
But this isn’t a post about my tablet! No, I’m writing today to show off the fancy case I found online. See, I wandered the local shops to find something fitting to secure my new gadget in, but I just couldn’t find anything me… Until I stumbled upon this gorgeous case featuring vintage Pac-Man fabric, that is!
What better than a video game-themed cover, eh? I ordered it faster than you can say “Mrs. Pac-Man.” Even though the shop is located in Oregon, it arrived here quite speedily. 
As for the case itself, it’s quite cushy, and it looks professionally made. I assume “Simbiosis by Julia” is run by Julia herself, and I must say, I’m really impressed. So much so, that I’ve been eyeing some of the other goodies she has in her shop… 
Red Riding Hood clutch

I’m a sucker for cute Japanese fabric, I really am. I particularly like the Red Riding Hood clutch purse, but I’m going to exercise some self-restraint as I’m all too familiar with the huge pile of assorted bags waiting for me in the other room.

I’ve got good news for anyone interested in that awesome Pac-Man fabric –– there’s another tablet case (they’re a standard size that will fit iPads and most other tablets), as well as a large zipper pouch featuring the same design up for sale! 
And even if you don’t find any of these particularly grabbing, I highly urge anyone with good taste in cute fabric to check out Simbiosis by Julia

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