Hooray for Jake Lawrence!

If you don’t know who Jake Lawrence (aka The Time Cowboy) is, you’re in for a real treat. I recently commissioned him to provide a snazzy new logo for Chic Pixel, and look what he came up with! I love it to pieces and I’m so happy to finally have a cohesive look for this blog. Perhaps it’ll inspire me to write more? We’ll see about that…

Well, in honor of this awesome fellow, I wanted to take a minute and post some of my favorite pieces of his. If you’re interested in having him draw you whatever your heart desires, he’s still open for commissions! Check out his art blog here or go directly to his commission page here. Now, on to the art!

I should mention that if you follow Jake on Twitter he’ll often ask his followers for sketch/pixel art suggestions. He drew this after I asked for a picture of Swadloon. It’s pretty much my favorite Swadloon picture ever.

He also drew a pixelated kappa upon my suggestion! I’m clearly sucking up all his creativity and hoarding it to myself, so you better follow him and get your ideas out there, quick!

Jake is probably most famous for his Animal Crossing comics. I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Equally funny is his caption: “Seabass, the disappointements of the sea.”

He does all sorts of things, though, really. Here are some more of my favorites:

So thanks again, Jake, for the awesome banner! I’ll cherish it as long as this blog still stands. But enough about me –– how do you all like the new look?

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