Taste Test: Kyoto Matcha Kit Kats

I’ve been meaning to do a post about these ever since a friend of mine brought me a pack back from Japan, but the truth is, I’m not really sure what to say for a Kit Kat taste test. I know, have some matcha flavored Kit Kats!

What exactly is matcha flavor? Basically it’s a fancy name for the fine green tea powder that is traditionally used in tea ceremonies. In recent years, however, it’s also come to be used in all manner of sweet treats, including those delicious green tea lattes you know from your local Starbucks!

These matcha Kit Kats are a little special in that they feature Kyoto-specific packaging. Each major city in Japan has their own regional Kit Kat flavor, and sometimes even multiple flavors, depending on the season. Why don’t other countries do that?!

Now the box may be fine and dandy, but what about what’s inside?

Individually-wrapped Kit Kats, of course! Though you can find bars on store shelves in Japan, boxes containing multiple “snack” sizes are generally more popular.

Look at that lovely shade of green! Yummy! I’m getting hungry just looking at it. 
Taste-wise, these Kyoto matcha Kit Kats are pretty much what you’d expect if you’ve ever had any green tea-flavored concoction. If you’ve only ever had a cup of green tea, imagine something a tad more robust in flavor (But seriously, go out and get a green tea latte right away! They’re delicious). Straight up matcha is actually quite bitter, but luckily matcha flavored desserts have the added sweetness in them to balance it out. In the case of these Kit Kats, it really is quite lovely, and surprisingly refreshing for a chocolate wafer treat!
I’m under the impression that standard green tea-flavored Kit Kats are available in many places outside of Japan, so try checking you local Asian grocer to see if you can find some. Who knows what other wacky flavors you might find!

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