The Great 2011 Holiday Haul

I get my jollies from finding games marked down like this. I actually scored this one for $14
Before I begin, I must clarify that by “holiday” I am referring from the month period between mid-December and mid-January. Truth be told, there was only one game waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning (Mario Kart 7), but I did acquire quite a number of titles with Christmas/birthday money and the after holiday sales. But enough of that, on to the games!
That’s a lot of Wii games…

Amazingly enough, all of the games I purchased are not included in the above picture. Not pictured are Alice: Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned, Rayman Origins (all three received from a sweet Twitter friend who works at EA Australia), Cursed Mountain (which I bought today), and Fatal Frame II, which is currently en route (an online order). Oh, and it’s also worth noting that Sakura Wars~So Long, My Love~ was also given to me by another awesome Twitter friend who happened to have an extra copy. I cannot wait to try it out!

Out of all my purchases, I’m most excited for Little King’s Story and The Legend of Starfy. I have been waiting to find a copy of Starfy new for $20 or less for ages now, and I got mine for $14! Oh, do I love a good deal. Little King’s Story is quite hard to find in Australia these days, and I scored it for $13 used at an EB Games, but since I traded in the copy of Mario Kart Wii I got with my Wii console (sad, I know, but I don’t think I’ll play it now that I have MK7. Anyone want an extra Wii wheel, feel free to ask in the comments), I got it for free!
Endless Ocean 2Cursed Mountain, and Rayman Origins are the only games I’ve played so far, and Rayman Origins is really the only one I’ve spent a significant amount of time with. I won’t go into too much detail, but as I mentioned in a previous post, it’s definitely one of my favorite games that came out in 2011!! As for Endless Ocean 2 and Cursed Mountain, I’ve only played about 1 hour of each, so I can’t really give my impressions of those yet. With Endless Ocean 2 I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the above water sequences, and some of the goofy tasks it has you do, like fend off sharks with a signature Wiimote waggle. The scuba diving (which is the meat of the game, of course) is great fun, though. Cursed Mountain has a really great atmosphere so far, and I’m really digging the icy mountain setting. I’m a chicken when it comes to horror games, though, so I don’t want to play it by myself, or in the dark! Way to ruin the mood, I know…

How come no one told me there was a Princess Apricot in Little King’s Story?
Clearly she is going to be my new favorite character
So, I know it’s a bit late, but did any of you get any games over the holidays, or make any game purchases that you’ve been enjoying lately? January’s a good month to catch up on one’s backlog, I think. So, what have you been spending your time with?

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