May 2016 Community Game-Along: Metroidvania

Metroidvania Community Game-Along

Wait, it’s May already?! Where has the time gone? We need to get crackin’ on these Metroidvania games!

That’s right, the May Community Game-Along theme is Metroidvania games! I’m really excited for #MetroidvaniaMay to make a comeback, as it was one of the first themes once I started these events back in 2014. Since this post is coming a bit late this month, I’ll cut right to the chase: if you’d like to participate, all you have to do is play any game that qualifies as a “Metroidvania” title (and believe me, there is a lot of debate on what is and what isn’t). Be sure to share your experiences in thoughts using #MetroidvaniaMay so all the other participants can join in the fun!

If you need a few ideas, check out my original Metroidvania May post, or try one of these titles:

Bob's Magical Chainsaw screenshot

Bob’s Magical Chainsaw: A Lumberjack’s Tale (Browser) – Chic Pixel Plus’ very own Sarah O’Donnell helped make this free browser-based game last month for low rez jam, and since it has light Metroidvania mechanics, it’s perfect for this month’s Game-Along! If you’d like to hear a little about the process of making the game, she talks all about it on episode 43 of Chic Pixel Plus.

Salt and Sanctuary PS4 screenshot

Salt and Sanctuary (PlayStation 4) – If you want to play a timely new release, Salt and Sanctuary just came out for PS4 this past March and has received praise for basically being a 2D Dark Souls game with Castlevania elements. It certainly has the dark vibe down!

Rabi-Rabi screenshot

Rabi-Rabi (PC) – Perhaps you prefer your Metroidvania with a dash of moe and bullet hell shooter? Then look no further than Rabi-Rabi! It also packs a good bang for your buck with loads of content and a hefty difficulty for true Metroidvania savants.

Valdis Story screenshot

Valdis Story: Abyssal City (PC, Mac) – It’s always great to see a Kickstarter success story, and Valdis Story: Abyssal City is exactly that! Unfortunately I can’t say much else about this action platformer with RPG and Metroidvania elements, but from what I’ve heard, it’s considered one of the best recent releases in the genre!

What will you be playing for Metroidvania May? Share your picks and suggestions in the comments!

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  • Westraid

    I’ve been looking forward to this month!
    Going for Most Original Pick and replay Symphony of the Night. If I have time to spare, I’d like to replay other Castlevania games that count as a Metroidvania.
    Really excited because it’s been a long time!

    • Glad to hear it!
      I actually tried to play some of Symphony of the Night last Metroidvania May, but I didn’t get very far… I wonder if it’s because I never played the game around when it first came out? Would you have any suggestions of Castlevania games that might be a little easier to approach for someone who hasn’t played much in the genre?

      • HotLimit

        The DS titles capture what made SOTN great, with the added benefit of a map on the second screen (vs having to switch back and forth between maps). The first one and Portrait of Ruin are pretty good for beginners. Order of Ecclesia is one of the best, but starts off fairly difficult.

        • Thanks for the suggestions! I might look into grabbing one of those

      • Westraid

        Honestly I think the Castlevania games are pretty hard. I remember my friend had SotN back when we were kids and I remember giving up because it was too difficult, and still today I don’t think the Castlevania games are ever cakewalk. I didn’t complete it until I was in my teens and even then I remember I struggled a couple of times.
        It’s doable though, if you’re low on health go back to a save room to heal and if the monsters are too strong just grind on weaker ones to raise your level and try again later.
        If all else fails, (ab)use Soul Steal until there’s no tomorrow. IIRC, you can’t get it right away, but basically when you cast Soul Steal it will deal damage multiple times to all monsters, and a soul will appear for every hit which will heal some of Alucard’s health. It’s probably considered cheap as hell but *shrug*.

        I’ve also heard that Portrait of Ruin is one of the easier Castlevania’s so you could look into that one. I haven’t played it myself so I can’t really judge.

        • Thanks for the tips! I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks they’re a little tough, haha XD;; I’ll have to try again this month!

  • Oh how fun! i’m playing Republique this month. I’m still waiting for it to come in but I’m excited to take on a new game!

  • finchiekins

    I actually played Bob’s Magical Chainsaw a little bit ago! It’s a lot of fun!
    I think i’m going to play through one of the old Wonder Boy in Monster Land titles as well, probably Dragon’s Trap as it’d fit the best as a Metroidvania.

    • Nice! I’ll let Sarah know you enjoyed it 🙂 I’ve heard of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, but not Dragon’s Trap! :O