Catch-Up Corner: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn’s birthday and stressing over figure purchases

Happy almost Birthday, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn! I don’t play you anymore, but I’m so glad you’re still going strong!

art by Junko Watarai (source)

That’s right, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn turns one year old on Wednesday, August 27th! It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was obsessively leveling my cat boy Chive. While I never expected to enjoy, much less stick with, an MMO, FFXIV: ARR hooked me during the open beta, prompting me to preorder the limited edition and be a paying subscriber for nearly six months! Every time I hear about new content and patches (did you know you can dye your chocobo now?!) I feel a twinge of regret that I let my subscription lapse, but I ultimately felt I just didn’t have the time to merit paying the monthly fee… Plus, I have so many other games I want to play!

Still, that doesn’t stop me from loving the world of Eorzea and looking forward to hearing about team’s plans for the game’s future. With over 2 million subscribers, I have a feeling it’ll be around for a while! If you’re like me and prefer to enjoy the media surrounding FFXIV: ARR without actually playing the game, I highly suggest checking out the awesome anniversary illustration countdown that I took the above image from.

In other news, it’s on secret that I’ve been on a bit of a figure kick lately. While I’ve mostly been sticking to Nendoroids and am trying to stay far, far away from scaled figures (we’ll see how long that lasts), the impending release of the Etrian Odyssey IV sniper gal, pictured above, had me pining over whether or not I was ready and willing to enter the world of plastic models.

Now, plastic models are different from other figures in that you are required to assemble, and often paint, the figure yourself. While I do consider myself relatively crafty, I don’t think I’m ready to go full-on plastic model enthusiast and buy all the paints and tools needed to assemble them, which is why I felt so torn about the sniper girl. According to numerous blogs and descriptions on Japanese sites, the sniper girl comes pre-painted, so she’s supposed to look relatively good even if you don’t want to bother with painting her. Fingers crossed that that’s the case, as I eventually broke down and ordered one! The idea of assembling my own figure does sound like a rather neat project, so worst case scenario, it will be a learning experience that ends in an miserably ugly mess of a figure. But it would be pretty great if she ended looking as neat as the above photo, don’t you agree?

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  • Uh, oh! Does this mean you’ll soon be buying even more figures, Anne? Also, I’m amazed that the plastic models often have to be painted by the folks who buy them. That would scare me to death! OK, maybe not that extreme, but close…

  • apricotsushi

    Well, I do have two figures on preorder that come out in September…

    By the way, I didn’t really make it clear in the post, but in the case of the sniper girl, her parts are pre-painted, but some of the minute details are missing, I think. It’s a lot like the Gundam kits! There are a lot of figure kits/garage kits but there are still plenty of figures that don’t need any assembly or painting. I just happened to really like the design of this one!

  • Riven

    It’s a good thing to stay away from scaled figures, probably, but meanwhile, I’m trying to buy less nendoroids, more scaled figures and be more picky about the figures I buy in general. I bought way too many nendoroids in 2012-2013 so now I am trying to only get my absolute favorites. I’m super excited for Aoba and Sakura coming out next month! By the way, are you going to get the scaled Aoba figure re-release? If you only get one scaled figure ever, he’s totally worth it.

    Oh and, prize figures are a great alternative to scaled figures! They’re such great quality nowadays. They’re not as exciting for figure photographers with fancy cameras but they look awesome as hell on your shelf at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

  • apricotsushi

    Ah, I did kind of forget about prize figures! That’s a great way to go but it doesn’t seem like a lot of the characters I like have prize figures. I’ll keep my eye open for more of those.

    I haven’t ordered Aoba, but I really want him ;__; Scaled figures are just so expensive! Maybe for Christmas/birthday…

    I also can’t wait for the Aoba and Sakura Nendos! Of course I’ve preordered both ^^

  • finchiekins

    You might already know this, but no one told me and i never knew myself: get a good pair of clippers for that sniper kit! They’re not expensive and they save heartbreaks and fingers over box cutters and X-acto knives that i used for years. Also Gundam Markers are a little less scary way to cover details.

  • apricotsushi

    Oh, that is a great suggestion! What kind of clippers are you talking about though? Like something you’d find in a hardware store? As for Gundam Markers, you’re talking about paint, right? I haven’t even decided if I will try to paint it yet… If you put it together, you can’t take it apart later, right? Or could I take it apart and paint it in the future?

  • finchiekins

    They might have some at a hardware store, and they’d definitely have them at a hobby shop. As long as they’re not too big they’ll be fine. Something like this:
    Yeah, the Gundam markers are paint markers. It’s just easier application. I build Zoids model kits from Kotobukiya and I’m not very good at painting, but i really get into detailing sometimes. The surface pieces aren’t too difficult to pull apart, but sometimes it gets complicated. I don’t think it will be with the sniper kit. I like painting while the parts are still on the sprues but it’s usually not too difficult to paint after the model is completed, as long as it’s not in tiny areas.