Tokyo Travel Journal Prep Video

Tokyo Travel Journal Prep Video Chic Pixel

This past year, I’ve really gotten into journaling for all kinds of things, from daily to do lists to miniature diary-like entries to record certain events. I’ve also started keeping a travel journal when I travel – you can see my entries from my October USA travel journal here. In that video, I asked if anyone would like to see a video about how I prep my journal for a trip, and the response was an overwhelming yes! So today’s video is exactly that – I share how I prep my journal for my Tokyo trip, and also provide tips for making your own travel journal. Give it a watch below!

One thing that I don’t really make clear in the video that I want to here: I don’t actually fill out every journal page when I’m traveling. For this recent Tokyo trip, I only did 4 days in my hotel room when I was there! I think there’s often an assumption that people put a lot of time and effort into making cute journals, which may be true to an extent, but I firmly believe that you should only do it when it makes you feel good, and not feel guilted into making your journal look a certain way. Now that I’m back in Australia, I’m enjoying playing catch-up in my travel journal because it helps me remember the fun times I had when I was in Japan. So if you want to try journaling, do whatever is most enjoyable for you!

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