2017 Snow Miku Nendoroid Unboxing Video

Long time no post! I’m really excited to be getting back into the groove now that my thesis has been submitted, and that means more videos! I got a new camera, a Canon EOS M3, so hopefully the quality of my videos will be much better going forward, too!

Today’s video is an unboxing of the 2017 Snow Miku Nendoroid, which I preordered back in February and just received in the mail about a week ago. If you’re not familiar with the Snow Miku figures, Good Smile Company holds a contest every year for fans to submit their designs. The winning design is made into a Nendoroid and a figma!

Snow Miku 2017 official art by comet
Official 2017 Snow Miku illustration by comet

Snow Miku is closely tied with Hokkaido’s Snow Festival, so the contest themes are related to various aspects of Hokkaido (Snow Miku’s animal friend is based on a type of mountain hare native to Hokkaido!). This year’s theme was “the starry sky/winter constellations in Hokkaido,” and this was the first year the winning design was chosen entirely by online voters!

Please leave a comment with kind of videos you’d like to see more of! (either here or on Youtube is fine) My goal is to upload one video a week! Your feedback helps keep me motivated!

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