June 2017 Community Game-Along: Puzzle Games

Puzzle Game Community Game-Along June 2017 Chic Pixel

Hello, June! It’s a busy month for video games, especially with all the E3 news coming up, so I though it would be fun to select a less time-intensive theme for this month’s Community Game-Along. But then again, how much time you decide to spend with a puzzle game is entirely up to you!

Puzzle games are perfect for fitting in a few minutes here and there during your commute or while waiting for leftovers to heat up (am I the only one that does this?!), so be sure to grab a game and share your impressions throughout the month using #PuzzleGameMonth! If you’re not sure what to play, never fear, because I’ve rounded up a few recommendations!

Puyo Puyo Tetris puzzle game screenshot

Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch, PS4) – I’m so thrilled that I’m able to include Puyo Puyo Tetris in this list! I always try to recommend games that are available in English so they’re easily accessible to the largest number of people. Puyo Puyo Tetris was finally released outside Japan this past April., so it totally counts! Not only that, but if you’re itching to play something on your brand new Nintendo Switch, Puyo Puyo Tetris is a great option. The game has a robust story mode you can play through by yourself, or you can get competitive in multiplayer!

Sailor Moon Drops puzzle game screenshot

Sailor Moon Drops (iOS, Android) – This month’s free pick is none other than Sailor Moon Drops, a game that fills me with so much joy I included it in my list of free things to do when you need a pick-me-up! It plays a lot like many of the popular match three-style games available on smartphones these days, but with a lovely Sailor Moon coating. If you like Sailor Moon or just cute things in general, you have to try Sailor Moon Drops!

The Witness puzzle game screenshot

The Witness (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One) – If you like your puzzles games to be real head-scratchers, you might want to give The Witness a try. It was ranked by many games media outlets as one of the best games of 2016, so it comes highly recommended! Unlike the other games on this list, The Witness consists of walking around a 3D world in a first person view, and the world itself is lovely to look at, too. You’ll probably need a pen and paper for this one!

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition puzzle game screenshot

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. (3DS) – This game’s title is a mouthful, but that’s because it’s actually 2 games in one! Puzzle & Dragons is available as a free-to-play smartphone game, too, but if you’d rather not be bombarded by micro-transactions, you can get the same experience in Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Gameplay consists of powering up your team of monsters to defeat enemies by matching orbs on a grid, but it stands out from other similar games by allowing you to move an orb around anywhere on the board as long as it’s within the time limit. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a killer combo!

As always, there are many more eligible puzzle games for this month’s Game-Along than the ones I’ve covered, so don’t be limited by this list! Share your favorite puzzle game recommendations and the game(s) you’ll be playing this month in the comments!

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