Yuri!!! on Ice Animate Café Blind Box Unboxing (with Giveaway!)

Last month I splurged on some Animate Café exclusive Yuri!!! on Ice acrylic stand keychains, so I had to show them off! Believe it or not, this is my first time buying Yuri!!! on Ice merchandise… Check out my unboxing video to see which characters I got! It also includes details on a giveaway to win one of the Chris Giacometti birthday art cards I received!

It’s too bad I didn’t get one of my favorite characters (Yurio, Phichit, or Minami), but honestly the designs are so cute I don’t even mind that I got emo boy Georgi. Remember, if you’d like to get in for a chance to win the art card, be sure to leave a comment on the video with your favorite Yuri!!! on Ice character!

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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.