Hobonichi Techo Flip Through Video: February 2017

Time sure does fly when you’re busy! Between putting the pedal to the metal on my thesis and the slew of video game releases that came out over the past couple weeks, it’s already nearly been a week since I posted my February Hobonichi Techo flip through video! But since I like to make sure everyone is able to see it, I’m going to take the opportunity to share it here:

As you’ll see in the video, in February I started using watercolors in my Hobonichi Techo! I was extremely impressed by how well watercolor worked with the paper. The paper in the Hobonichi Techo is by far the best I’ve ever seen in a planner – you really can’t tell until you see it for your yourself!

I started out with a cheap water color set I bought locally but was pretty unhappy with the colors, so I upgraded to the Sakura Koi set of 24 watercolors that I’ve heard tons of positive things about from both hobby and professional artists. The brush, which you actually store water in, is really amazing!

I hope you’re enjoying these videos as much as I’m enjoying making and sharing them! I would love to know how you fill out your monthly journal if you keep one, whether it’s a Hobonichi Techo or not!

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Also known as apricotsushi. Anne can be written with the kanji for apricot (杏), and sushi was the most quintessentially Japanese thing I could think of when I was 13, resulting in my goofy, albeit memorable, nickname.