3DS Teddy Bear Simulator Kuma Tomo to Release in English This July

Kuma Tomo Teddy Together English screenshot

Remember that vaguely creepy teddy bear simulator for the Nintendo 3DS? No? Well, three years after its Japanese release, Kuma Tomo is finally coming out in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as Teddy Together. Wait, what?!

Teddy Together Logo

I don’t know about you, but getting a random PR email announcing the localization of a game I nearly forgot about is not something I expect at 6 pm on an average Tuesday. But hey, why not?! Kuma Tomo scared more than a few folks with its talking bear who remembers the your responses to questions it asks you (just check out this Japanese commercial), but Nintendo of Australia is marketing Teddy Together as a game for parents and children to play together to help develop their reading and interpersonal skills. Let me tell you, I can’t wait to hear what the teddy bear sounds like in English.

Teddy Together Screenshot food

So, will this game come out in North America, or is it doomed to be another Europe-only Nintendo release? If so, I hope that at least means Teddy has a British accent. You can pick up Teddy Together for 3DS on July 1st in Europe and July 2nd in Australia/NZ. It will also be compatible with amiibo figures, which I believe is new to the English version!

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