Sunday Spotlight: Pokéscans

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It’s no secret that I love all things Pokémon, so for this week’s Sunday Spotlight, I have to highlight one of my favorite stops on the internet for Pokémon-related goodness: PokéScans! PokéScans features scans from all different kinds of Pokémon merchandise from Tumblr user PacificPikachu, with occasional submissions from other users. From popular items such as the yearly holiday collections to old Japanese guidebooks, there is always something fun to see at PokéScans if you’re a Pokémon fan!

Pokemon Decochara Seal Holder Christmas
Cover of a Christmas-themed sticker binder from the Diamond and Pearl days! (source)

Be sure to follow PokéScans on Tumblr if you want a daily dose of cute Pokémon scans on your dashboard!

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