Sunday Spotlight: Lychee Parfait

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If you follow my Twitter, you’ll know I’ve spent the past week catching up with Mr. Sushi’s family in Sydney. In between eating and shopping, I’ve been chatting with one of my sister-in-laws and learned that she’s also dived into the world of blogging! Her site, Lychee Parfait, is all about food and travel in Sydney in Japan, and I guarantee her posts will leave you very hungry.

Maneki Neko from Lychee Parfait
Sydney Night Noodle Markets

Lychee Parfait has a lot of write-ups on sights I’ve been to but never posted about myself, such as Kiyomizudera, so if you’ve ever wanted to go to Japan and enjoy Asian cuisine, definitely check it out. Sydney residents may even find a new eatery or two to try out while you’re at it!

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