Sunday Spotlight: XO Mia Cosplay and Geek Lifestyle Blog

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Happy first Sunday of October! For the first Spotlight of the month, I’d like to urge you all to check out Mia, an awesome cosplayer and blogger at

XO Mia Animal Crossing Cosplay

I first learned of Mia’s site after stumbling into photos of her adorable Isabelle cosplay. I love how all of the Animal Crossing characters in the group photo above have been translated to humanoid versions, but Mia’s Isabelle takes the cake. She even has a makeup tutorial if you want to recreate the look yourself!

Like me, Mia specializes in all things cute and nerdy, but her particular area of focus tends to be cosplay and con recaps. I don’t go to a lot of cons myself, so I really love being able to live vicariously through her! If those things sound up your alley too, I definitely recommend her fun site.

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