Japan Envy: Rilakkuma Hot Cake Kit Kats

I haven’t done my Japan Envy column in a while and have gained a few new followers around the new year (thanks to all of you!), so just a quick recap: Japan Envy is my (ir)regular column where I talk about cool things/happenings that are only available in Japan that make me jealous or pine for the days when I used to live there. You can head here or click the “Japan Envy” tag at the end of this post to view previous entries in the series!


Anyone familiar with Japan has probably heard about how the nation is famous for its wide variety of flavored Kit Kats. They’ve got everything from regional specialties, such as yuzu and pepper Kit Kats from Nagoya, to limited editions and seasonal flavors. Why these are only available in Japan and why other nations have caught on to this ingenious idea? We may never know, but foreigners have been fascinated with Japan’s unique take on the humble Kit Kat since its inception. You can even find a Japanese Kit Kat episode on NPR (complete with tastings and audio!), and at least two blogs dedicated entirely to cataloging the huge range of flavors available.

I bet you’re wondering what flavors I’ve tried, eh? Well, I’ve sampled everything from ginger ale to jasmine tea Kit Kats, but I still have a long way to go if I ever hope to live my dream of being the ultimate Kit Kat connoisseur (one of my many aspirations). Currently, I’ve got my eye on a very particular Kit Kat, one that combines my love of flavored Kit Kats with another one of my favorite things: the adorable teddy bear who loves to relax known as Rilakkuma.


What flavor are these Kit Kats? None other than Rilakkuma’s favorite snack, the humble pancake (or “hot cake,” as they’re known in Japan). I, for one, imagine this Kit Kat tastes pretty darn good! If you’re wondering why the box is a strange shape, that’s because it’s not simply a regular Kit Kat bar, but rather 12 individually-wrapped mini Kit Kats (Japan loves miniature things).

If you’re interested in trying some Japanese Kit Kats yourself without having to pay for the plane ticket, you can go to JBox to grab a few interesting flavors such as green tea, wasabi, and black honey (now that sounds good!). What flavor would you be most interested to try?

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