Zoroark Pokémon event starts in AU first

Well, now that my pageviews have settled down, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Do you wish you lived in Australia? No? Well, did you know that the super special Zoroark Pokémon event, where you will be able to download a level 50 Zoroark that knows the move snarl, which is unobtainable in the game, will be starting in Australia a whole 2 days before the rest of the world (the rest of the world being the US, of course). So you want move to Australia now, right?

Ok, sure, it’s not that big a deal that we’re the first country outside of Japan to get this super-special Zoroark, but AU hardly ever comes first for anything, Aussies tend to like to shove it in everyone’s face when they actually do get something ahead of everyone else for once. I know, let’s celebrate with a a chain-smoking humaniod Zoroark in a vest! That sounds like a fabulous idea.


Here are the details to get your very own Zoroark: Aussies can head to Toys R Us, EB Games, or Game from September 16th to October 16th, and Americans will be able to download their own dark fox from Toys R Us on September 18th to the 25th. Unfortunately, those of you in the US have a much smaller window of opportunity, so you’ll have to be sure to get yours quick!

I know I for one am happy for an excuse to dust off my copy of Pokémon White. Perhaps I’ll finally get around to beating the Elite 4? Are you planning on getting a Zoroark of your own?

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