Vintage Find: Kitschy Cup

Just a quick update today–I’m currently finding myself swamped with translations I need to finish and my internet has been finicky all day.

I was really depressed when I broke one of my favorite cups while cleaning a while back… It had traveled with me from Japan to America and then all the way here to Australia. That’s 5 years of traveling the world together! I remember I got it as an impulse buy for 300 yen (about $3) because it said “coffee milk crazy” on it and gave really bad English instructions on how to make an iced coffee. I’ve been looking for a replacement cup ever since its untimely demise.

I actually found this cup a couple of weekends ago while Shaun and I were perusing one of our favorite vintage shops. I think we’d even seen it in a previous visit, but hadn’t really given it much notice… I have no idea why! I absolutely LOVE this cup. And it was only $1! The design is so kitschy, honestly. I think Shaun’s jealous of it, though, so we’re going to have to find one equally kitschy for him in the near future. Not gonna argue with that, but I’m telling you, it’ll take a lot to contend with this one:

I wish I could’ve gotten a slightly better shot of the white design. It honestly looks like something you’d see on a Grecain Urn. And the red horse and buggies circling around the top? Ahaha, I love it!

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