Sunday Spotlight: Long Gone Days Indiegogo Campaign

Sunday Spotlight Chic Pixel

In honor of JRPG July I wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight Long Gone Days, a dystopian Japanese-inspired RPG currently on Indiegogo. Currently in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Long Gone Days is billed as a character-driven RPG with visual novel elements, and it features gorgeous pixel art and anime-style illustrations!

Long Gone Days Indiegogo

One of the most interesting aspects of this war-themed RPG is the language barriers posed by encountering soldiers of different backgrounds, meaning you’ll need to use characters with interpreting skills to be able to understand certain conversations. How cool is that?!

To see the game in action, head to its page to download the demo. If you decide to help Long Gone Days reach its funding goal, you can gain a digital copy of the game when it’s completed for just $12. However, this early bird special is only available to the first 200 backers, so don’t delay!

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