Madam Luna’s Kirby Horoscope

Ever wondered what your favorite Kirby Super Star power says about you? Well then step right up and be ready to uncover the secrets of your personality with this handy-dandy Kirby horoscope, whipped up by the amazing and talented Madam Luna!

I’m sure the horoscope is much more accurate if you have an affinity to a particular power from playing a significant amount of the game, but if you’re like me and aren’t extremely familiar with Kirby Super Star, I’m sure you’ll still get a kick out of choosing the power that appeals most to you!

Head on over to Madam Luna’s blog to view the complete horoscope here. For the curious, I picked wing because of Kirby’s politically incorrect yet adorable Native American headdress.

Wing: Traditionalism – ambition – kindness. Despite being a flying creature, you prefer to keep yourself firmly on the ground, where you know what to expect. But when the situation calls for it, you can take wing with the best of them! You know when to use your talents and when to hold back and let other people take center stage. You like Beam types and Sword types.

What is your favorite Kirby Super Star power? Did you find the horoscope surprisingly accurate, or totally off the mark? For the record, I think “wing” describes me pretty well! I think I’m going to have to play some Kirby Super Star now…

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