Can the new Ace Attorney film compete with the Takarazuka musicals?

So, big news if you haven’t yet heard–rumors that the famed Japanese director Takashi Miike is working on an Ace Attorney film adaptation have now been official confirmed by Capcom! Exciting, eh? I have to say the thought of Takashi Miike of Ichi the Killer fame doing a rendition of Nintendo DS game about goofy fictional court dramas is a little perplexing, but he did recently do a film adaptation of the anime Yatterman, so there is proof that he is capable of directing a film that isn’t all blood and gore.

The role of Phoenix Wright will be played by Japanese heartthrob Hiroki Narimiya, while Takumi Saito will be playing his rival Miles Edgeworth.

Hiroki Narimiya will play Ace Attorney… Can’t say I’m complaining! (source)

Takumi Saito will play Miles Edgeworth

Did you know that Ace Attorney has already been adapted, not for film, but for the stage? In 2009 the all-female Takarazuka revue did their own version of the popular video game series, which had a month-long run on stage and was popular enough to merit a sequel.

Poster for the original Takarazuka production
Poster for the 2nd production

 I have yet to see either of theses shows, but I absolutely adore Takarazuka, and I’m sure these productions wouldn’t disappoint. Of course Takashi Miike’s film will probably get a lot of positive mainstream reception, but really, there’s not much better than this (seriously, you need to watch this):

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